How did I spend the full day in Gozo island with pouring down rain?

Day 2, it started with grey day, we decided to explore Gozo Island. There are tours you can join which probably would have been a better option for a limited time. However, neither of us was bothered checking which tours might be available and comparing prices so we ended up having to find our own way to Gozo Island in the rain.

How to get to Gozo from Sliema?

Again, our hotel Sliema Marina Hotel was conveniently located by the harbour so the bus 222 can be found just outside the Marks & Spencers Shop in central Sliema by the harbour. Bus cost is €1.50 which I paid when I boarded. Bus 222 will take you to the ferry terminal (Ċirkewwa, Mellieha) where we started.

The ferry to Gozo departs every 45 minutes and the cost is €4.65 per adult. Full information on departure schedule, facilities and services can be read here.

Getting around  in Gozo island?

Gozo is a very scenic small island but also large enough that it requires a car to take you around if you don’t want to miss any good viewpoints or sights. If you don’t have rental car, the best way to get around  in Gozo is to take the hop-on hop-off sightseeing bus. It’s the perfect way to appreciate the island.

It started raining again when we arrived in the ferry terminal in Ċirkewwa. There were a few guys standing around selling the open roof tour bus tickets so we stopped and talked to one of them.

The price printed on the leaflet was €20. Since it was raining heavily we were able to knock down the price to €10 as there clearly weren’t so many customers that day. We were so happy when we paid our €10 each and thought we’ve made a great deal. Apparently €10 for this bus tour is the standard price! We only discovered this when we arrived back at the Gozo ferry terminal.

Hop-on Hop-off Gozo bus map:




Stops we made:

  • Xewkija Savina Creativity Center (bus stopped for 15 minutes)
  • Ggantija Temple
  • Xlendi Bay (bus stopped for 15 minutes), we missed it.
  • Crafts Village

I didn’t like any of the sights we stopped. However, I do believe if the weather had been nice, I would probably have very much more admired the scenery but unfortunately it was pouring down with rain which cast a much drearier shade across the whole day.  It was of course too cold to stay on the upper deck to enjoy anything.

Gozo Island sightseeing with the tour bus, Malta, Blue Sky and Wine
The view from the tour bus in Gozo Island first stop
Gozo Island sightseeing with the tour bus, Malta, Blue Sky and Wine
The view from the tour bus in Gozo Island first stop
Gozo Island sightseeing with the tour bus, Malta, Blue Sky and Wine
The view from the tour bus in Gozo Island first stop

Ggantija Temples

We got off at the Ggantija Temples stop next and spent 40 minutes exploring the megalithic temple complex from the Neolithic period on Gozo island. Ggantijas Temples are the earliest megalithic temples in Malta and to my surprise they are actually older than the pyramids in Egypt. They were erected during the Neolithic period and the temples are more than 5500 years old, they are the world’s 2nd oldest manmade religious structures after Gobekli Tepe. It’s now listed on the UNESCO site.

Ggantija Temples in Gozo Island, Malta, Blue Sky and Wine
Ggantija Temples, Gozo Island
Ggantija Temples Gate in Gozo Island, Malta, Blue Sky and Wine
The Gozo tour bus arrived at the Ggantija Temples gate



Ta’ Dbiegi Crafts Village

Ta’ Dbiegi Crafts Village is very small, there are approximately 15 stores in the place where handcrafts are made and sold. Hand-made pottery,  hand blown glass, Gozo lace and silver filigree. We got off here and my friend went off browsing the stores whilst I enjoyed a hot chocolate in the café.

It’s still raining outside and cold. I was reluctant to stand in the wind waiting for the next bus to appear, so I remained in the cafe until the bus’ due time according to the schedule on the map. Just about 5 minutes to the due time, we were on the way to the stop but the bus went straight passed us without stopping. Luckily, a local told us the bus will return and go pass this place again after going passed  Dwejra Bay. It’s a shame that we didn’t see it.

We managed to catch the last tour bus that returned to the ferry terminal. It had been a really wet day for all of us who visited Gozo island. Rain eventually stopped at sunset so we managed to take some good photos on the way back to the ferry terminal and even a rainbow!

Gozo Island Sightseeing Bus View, Malta, Blue Sky and Wine
Sightseeing bus view on Gozo Island at the end of the day, rainbow appeared finally …
Sunset in Gozo Island, Malta, Blue Sky and Wine
Seeing the sunset from rooftop of the sightseeing tour bus, Gozo Island

In the evening, I enjoyed a glass of Maltese sangria while my friend enjoyed her Maltese desert Klabb tat-Tisjir.

To continue read a weekend in Rainy Malta episode 3: Seeing the highlights of Malta with Hop-on Hop-off bus tour. Or read: Discover Valletta, the capital city in Malta.



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