Cycling around El Calafate, a good and relaxing way to explore the city

Day 14, we said goodbye to El Chaltén as well as the painful 28km. We took the return bus back to El Calafate and looked forward to do the cycling around El Calafate.

The bus ride to El Calafate seemed quick as I snoozed most of the journey, I missed out the beautiful scenery through both sides of the windows. When we arrived back to Hostel Calafate, we rented couple of bicycles to tour around the city.

El Calafate is quite small, it’s originally simply a sheltering place for wool traders. The town was officially founded in 1927 by the government to promote settlement, but it was the creation of nearby Perito Moreno National Park in 1937 that sparked growth and the building of better road access.

We cycled around the city towards the lake located by the city. It’s a very peaceful place, only a few residences sitting around the lake.

Blue Sky and Wine, El Calafate Lake, Argentina
The lake in El Calafate

We returned our bikes after an hour touring in the city, then just took a little stroll in the colourful town centre before having dinner.

Blue Sky and Wine, handy craft shop in El Calafate, Argentina
Hand crafting in one of the market in centre El Calafate





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