Hi there, I am a part time world explorer and a travel blogger. I have started travelling the world since 2009 after a business trip to Madrid. My knowledge in geography was very weak back in the day but I know most of the hot spots and ticking them off my bucket list felt like an achievement. 

The first unknown place I visited was Kenya in May 2010. Travelling into those unknown regions was like reading a thick interesting book which I believe everyone can become addicted to. I am one of them. The more pages you turn, the more desire you get in visiting more unknown countries. 

The aim of this travel blog is to be a diary of what I did and what I saw, also, it shares practical travel information, trip ideas, local transportation and hotel accommodations. It aims to help you in your travel plan. All posts in this blog were written with real experience and they are independent reviews. 

I travelled in groups as well as travelled solo, with a tight budget and sometimes I went luxury. The most important thing to me is finding the right balance in life and not feeling regret at a later point for the things you have or haven’t done. 

I am inspired by a phrase from the movie Kung Fu Panda: “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift! That is why it is called the present.”

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