Tune In to the Concert of Insects in the Middle of the Amazon Jungle from Puyo

All Puyo Amazon jungle tours probably offer the same route, to Hola Vida Reserve.  I wasn’t too impressed with its itinerary, but it was a nice trip out in an organised tour group.  It’s a quick tourist experience for the Amazon if people don’t have a long time to spend in the region.  

We agreed with the tour operator that at the conclusion they would drop us by Puyo bus terminal. 

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What to expect on the tour? 

Puyo is only 2 hours away from Baños, so we first stopped at a viewpoint to appreciate the river cutting through the jungle.  Then we drove into Hola Vida Reserve where we sat in a wooden canoe, drifting with the ebb and flow of the river current.  It was fun but I got a bit sun burned, wet and tired after a 30 minutes ride in the tiny canoe.  To be fair, it was a bit boring after 2 minutes.  You can’t even use a camera as you will invevitably get water splashed on you from (sometimes) quickly moving river.  

Ecuador puyo amazon jungle tour
The view point just before entering Puyo town
Ecuador puyo amazon jungle tour canoe ride
Canoe ride in the Amazon river

We then followed a trail in the jungle, leading up to a waterfall attraction.  You can swim in the pool if you want, which many visitors took advantage of.  We just chilled by the pool and enjoyed the sound of the waterfall.   

After lunch we visited an indigenous community with some demonstrations of the local culture and a bit of Hula.  You’ll also get to try a blow pipe – maybe you’ll hit the target!

Ecuador puyo amazon jungle tour indigenous community
Indigenous community inside Hola Vida Reserve

Important things to take with you for the Amazon Jungle Tour

  • Second set of outfit – you are guaranteed that you would get wet in that canoe ride 
  • Hat and sunglasses – there was no shade at all while taking canoe 
  • Towel and swimming suit – I wasn’t aware of that swimming is allowed under the waterfall 
  • Insect repellent – a speciality of Amazon! 

At the end of the tour, we realised there would only be a small diversion for the tour to drop us at our destination Finca Heimatlos Eco Lodge & Farm.  We had to pay an additional $20 for the diversion to the tour guide, and it saved us 40 minutes on the road. 

Where to stay in Puyo? 

We didn’t spend any time in Puyo town, instead I was looking for a very remote place to chill and enjoy the atmosphere in the Amazon.  We chose to stay at Finca Heimatlos Eco Lodge & Farm, this was the best lodging place I’ve experienced so far.  

We were the only guests in the place during our stay which was absolutely brilliant.  This property overlooks into a sea of the Amazon jungle, the scenery was just incredible, especially in the early morning!  You will see a surreal landscape of wispy clouds interspersed amongst the green ocean. 

Puyo Amazon - Blue Sky and Wine Travel Blog
Morning view from Finca Heimatlos Eco Lodge & Far, overseeing the sea of the Amazon Jungle covered in clouds
Amazon in Puyo, Ecuador, Blue Sky and Wine
Another picture of the morning view from Finca Heimatlos Eco Lodge & Far, overseeing the sea of the Amazon Jungle covered in clouds

Do nothing just chill in the Amazon 

Over the 2-night stay, we didn’t do much but just to enjoy the site.  The lodge premises are large.  You have the balcony facing the jungle, you hear only insects and frogs singing at night and super quiet during the day.  

Don’t worry about meals in such a remote place.  I really appreciated the cuisine this hotel offered.  The staff at the property make delicious dishes with fresh local ingredients in an open kitchen.  It’s totally worth what you pay for it. 

Ecuador puyo amazon relax
A viewing deck from Finca Heimatlos Eco Lodge & Far’s premises

Go for a jungle walk in the middle of Amazon!  And…  it’s not for everyone 

Well, I do recommend it but I, personally, didn’t enjoy it as much.  It might be suitable for some people who can tolerate walking in the incredibly oppressive humidity.  I struggled to get through the uncomfortable atmosphere.  The biggest problem for me was there was no sign of a hint of a breeze.  We did feel quite trapped in the woods and you can’t even go with shorts and sandals due to the mosquitos and insects.  Great walk out though for the descent and ascent trail path, although the hotel made us wear rubber wellies due to the snakes. We saw no snakes. 

Ecuador puyo amazon jungle walk
The very rural jungle

We checked out of the Finca Heimatlos Eco Lodge & Far after our breakfast.  The hotel called for a taxi to get us to Puyo bus terminal where we caught the bus to our final destination of the entire trip, Quito.  

Travel from Puyo to Quito by bus 

All buses will pass Baños if departing from Puyo, so it would take 2 hours from Puyo to Baños, then another 4 hours from Baños to Quito.  A total of 6 hours if the traffic is smooth, especially after getting into Quito. Bus frequency for this route is pretty regular so no worries about getting your ticket in advance.

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