If you get to choose, where do you want to wake up for breakfast?

I tend to have a rather relaxing morning breakfast in my normal daily life when I have to commute to work. My living location has always been in a population dense city but I am a nature lover. I love scenic landscapes, mountains, the sea and large green spaces so I travel regularly and always try to change my view. 

Amazon in Puyo, Ecuador, Blue Sky and Wine
Morning Amazon in Puyo, Ecuador

I often rush or just skip breakfast when I travel, do you as well? 

As a regular traveller into unknown places, I often find myself rushing through the morning plus I normally stay in a convenient urban area. The reasons for rushed mornings were usually for catching an organised local tour or to catch transportation to the next destination. 

Let’s rethink our best breakfast experience, where will be your top ranked locations? 

Due to the COVID lockdown, I started to re-think over my travel experience. I realised that I rarely get a chance to appreciate the mornings in many amazing locations. 

Here are my 3 key things that I missed so much in a normal breakfast and that will be my ranking criterias. 

Environmental temperature 

I have stayed in luxury hotels when I travelled for business. Usually you get really good quality and wide range selection of world cuisine. So no complaints about food. 

Here comes the key point, often you find those breakfast restaurants in luxury hotels are in a closed air conditioner controlled room. I relax more in a natural environment rather than in an air-conditioned space. 

air conditioner, Blue Sky and Wine


The surroundings are an important consideration in my ranking. Most guest houses I stayed in were in urban areas so the restaurant is either in a garden, patio or in a room, even when the air conditioner is not on. 

An open atmosphere would give a massive plus. However I find hotels or guest houses located in the middle of nowhere can be very costly. 


An open outlook view, again the locations determine the cost. 

Having said that, I managed to list out 3 best locations when I had my most serene breakfast moments. They were the only 3 places in my travel history, I wish I could wake up to these places forever.  

Top 1: Ubud rice field in Bali, Indonisia 

I stayed in Green Field Hotel and Restaurant, which cost me only USD80 at the time for 2 people. Breakfast was included and there was a mixture of a continental-style breakfast and local Indonisian-style.  

Surrounded by rice fields, the area radiated pure tranquility and comfortable temperature, this made me want to stay here for good. 

Green Field Hotel and Restaurant ubud indonisia, Blue Sky and Wine
Breakfast view into the rice field, Green Field Hotel and Restaurant, Ubud
ubud rice field bali indonisia, Blue Sky and Wine
Rice field view from Green Field Hotel and Restaurant, Ubud

Top 2: The Ecuadorian Amazon in Puyo, Ecuador 

Finca Heimatlos Eco Lodge & Farm, a hotel in the middle of nowhere. You are connected via the internet though. It was again USD90 per night for 2 people including breakfast. 

We were lucky in a way that we were the only guests for the entire premises at the time of visiting. The hotel faces the Amazon jungle. All materials in the breakfast were mostly organically grown and cooked by their in-house staff. It was a real different experience eating individually cooked breakfast in the local way. 

puyo amazon view ecuador, Blue Sky and Wine
Breakfast view from Finca Heimatlos Eco Lodge & Farm into Amazon jungle, Puyo
Finca Heimatlos Eco Lodge & Farm breakfast puyo ecuador, Blue Sky and Wine
The breakfast freshly cooked, Puyo

Top 3: Aonang beach in Krabi, Thailand 

Ao Nang Beach Home cost me only USD30 per night. Although Ao Nang beach is not the best beach in Krabi, the restaurant in this hotel sits right on the beach. 

The room rate didn’t include breakfast, but I was able to enjoy a couple of Onigiri rice balls bought from a Family Mart just outside the hotel. I had 30 mins breakfast time by the beach. The temperature was so pleasant and the sea wind brushed over my face, which made me want to sit here for the rest of the day. 

ao nang beach krabi thailand, Blue Sky and Wine
The breakfast view into Ao Nang Beach, Krabi

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