Where would you prefer to be during the COVID lockdown?

Stuck at home due to the pandemic lockdown? Where would your preferred lockdown location be if healthcare services and financial means are not a consideration?

With all the places you’ve visited so far, let’s select the top 3 locations with conditions that all normal retail shops are closed and group activities not operating. What are your top 3 locations to be locked down?

Here are my top 3 locations I would love to be if I get to choose…

No 1: Krabi, Thailand

Delicious food, tropical climate, access to the beach as well as mountains. Krabi would be my primary choice of lockdown location if I get to choose.

Even if all shops and activities aren’t available. There are tonnes of islands accessible by longtail boat and jungles to explore. I would be pleased just to have fresh coconut juice, Morning Glory and Pad Thai all day long.

If I get bored with the seaside, I could instead change scenery and enjoy a jungle and a mountain walk.

The weather in Krabi is a little different from other islands in Thailand, it rains almost every afternoon for 20 minutes. This in turn cools down the heat, then brightens up again.

Krabi Thailand, Blue Sky and Wine
Phra Nang Beach, Krabi
Ao Phang Nga National Park Krabi Thailand, Blue Sky and Wine
Ao Phang Nga National Park, Krabi
Tha Pom Krabi Thailand, Blue Sky and Wine
Tha Pom Klong Song Nam, Krabi
Thai food Blue Sky and Wine
Fresh coconut, Pad Thai and Morning Glory! The best combination.

No 2: Eduardo Avaroa National Park, Bolivia

In my opinion, Eduardo Avaroa National Park is still one of the great unspoiled spots in Latin America. The site is very close to Salar de Uyuni (the salt flat). The three day tour from Uyuni all the way down to the edge of the Bolivia border with Northern Chile still ranks as the best trip experience I have had so far.

All things considered this is definitely my second choice. Immersing myself in a natural environment, surrounded by only scenic mountains, colourful desert sands, unspoiled hot springs, energetic volcanic geysers, wild llamas and beautiful flamingos.

Eduardo Avaroa National Park, Bolivia, Blue Sky and Wine
Eduardo Avaroa National Park
Eduardo Avaroa National Park, Laguna Azul, Salar de Uyuni Tour, Bolivia, Blue Sky and Wine
Laguna Azul, Eduardo Avaroa National Park
Volcano geyser, Eduardo Avaroa National Park, Bolivia, Blue Sky and Wine
Volcano geyser, Eduardo Avaroa National Park
Wild Flamingo, Eduardo Avaroa National Park, Bolivia, Blue Sky and Wine
Wild flamingos, Eduardo Avaroa National Park
Hot spring, Eduardo Avaroa National Park, Bolivia, Blue Sky and Wine
Hot spring, Eduardo Avaroa National Park

No 3: Trinidad, Cuba

Most people say the food in Cuba can be a bit bland but I disagree with this. I really like Cuban cuisine and I don’t think I would ever get bored of it.

Trinidad also offers a tropical climate but unlike Krabi, it stays dry most of the time. This 500 plus years old colonial town is colourful and peaceful. You can access the unspoiled clean and empty beaches on a bike, or ride a horse into the woods and mountains, then soak in a lake by the waterfall.

Take some zumba lessons with local instructors. Sip the freshly squeezed sugar cane juice or partake of some Cuban fermented cane juice (rum).

Trinidad, Cuba, Blue Sky and Wine
Trinidad from top
Trinidad Beach, Cuba, Blue Sky and Wine
Beach in Trinidad
horseback riding in Trinidad, Cuba, Blue Sky and Wine
In to the wood

I think I will forget the pandemic easily if I get to choose where I can be during the lockdown instead of a big city with a dense population like London.

What would be your primary three locations if you get to choose?

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  1. A much thought provoking what if scenario, I must say!

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