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These are my 7 highlights of what I loved about Cuba.

How is everyone coping with the lockdown due to the Covid-19? I tried to pack my days with stuff to do, now I am going through some old posts and realised I need to improve my poor travel blog. Hence I am working hard to re-blog the old trips. Today I’m sharing my 7 highlights of what I loved about Cuba, this can be your reasons to explore Cuba and experience one of the best unspoiled travel destinations.

No 1. No Internet Access

Can you imagine living without any internet nowadays? Especially if you have a strong presence online.

Of course, you can always find some internet access in the modern hotels which would cost you a fortune. Or, you can find internet access in some of the Casas (family run lodging places) with super slow dial-up internet.

We had no internet access for 12 days when we visited Cuba – you are completely cut off from the rest of the world and you don’t realise how much the internet is needed when you want to google something and… ahhhh… I can’t, there’s no internet.



No 2. Cocktails only cost as little as 2 dollars

Cocktails cost as little as 2 dollars! Endless Mojitos and Daiquiris throughout our 12 days holiday.

A whole bottle of Havana Club 3 year old 1 litre costs only 5 dollars in any shop in Cuba. And, how much does it cost in Europe? Excuse me …

Havana Club, Blue Sky and Wine
The 2 dollar cocktails

No 3. Few modern cars and all you mainly see is 50s’ cars everywhere

Who can resist a ride in a 1950s Pink Ford Fairlane car – gosh! I loved the colour on the car! It’s rare to see any modern cars in the country, which was amazing.

Pink Ford Fairlane car, Havana, Cuba, Blue Sky and Wine
The Pink Ford Fairlane Car we were in, this is our chauffeur
La Havana center, Blue Sky and Wine
These cars are everywhere in the center of La Havana



No 4. The cheapest horseback riding in the world, tell me if you know somewhere else that’s cheaper

Full day horse ride into the mountains for only 10 dollars, seriously where else on earth can you find this price for renting a horse unless you own your own horses.

We did horseback riding in Patagonia, that was triple the cost of what we paid in Cuba. Scenery was very different between Puerto Natales in Southern Chile and Trinidad in Cuba.

horseback riding in Trinidad, Cuba, Blue Sky and Wine
Full day horseback riding into the mountains, departed from Trinidad center

No 5. Caves are full of bats, a real wildlife adventure

A cave full of bats?

Thank god, they don’t suck my blood, the whole cave just reminds me of the animation “Duckula”.

Cueva de Ambrosio in Varadero was just incredible. The colour inside the cave and a naturally looping layout, it offers a real adventure feeling through a small hidden jungle. Despite the bats are all over the place. You are perfectly safe if you keep quiet the whole time as they will avoid you.

Cueva de Ambrosio, bat-cave in varadero, cuba, Blue Sky and Wine
Cueva de Ambrosio, a bat cave in Varadero
Cueva de Ambrosio, bat-cave in Varadero, Cuba, Blue Sky and Wine
Cueva de Ambrosio, a bat cave in Varadero
Cueva de Ambrosio, Bat Cave in Varadero, Cuba, Blue Sky and Wine
I used my flash, but didn’t scare them away. They looked so chilled on the ceiling

No 6. White sandy beach – virtually empty

White sandy peaceful beach in the middle of the Caribbean without being strewn with much seaweed, sun beds and Americans.

Varadero beach, Cuba, Blue Sky and Wine
An empty long beach in Varadero
Varadero beach, Cuba, Blue Sky and Wine
Pelicans on the beach in Varadero

No 7. Learn more about Che Guevara

I have learnt more about Che Guevara – and in my opinion he’s the coolest leader. I know it can be very controversial but I liked his stories, especially after reading his autobiography《Diario de Motocicleta》 in the Chinese edition.

Che Guevara memorial in Santa Clara, Cuba, Blue Sky and Wine
Che Guevara memorial in Santa Clara



Read more about my 12-day Cuba itinerary. Time travelling through the 50s.

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